A Los Angeles native, Pharaoh MC began writing rhymes at a young age. At 12 years of age, towards the end of the golden era of hip-hop, he began making beats to compliment his rhymes.

Pharaoh MC is a first generation Egyptian-American who came from a broken home. Pharaoh MC found hip-hop culture to be a constructive and positive outlet. Pharaoh MC gained notoriety in high school by entering local freestyle battles. Shortly after he would release his first record, ‘Depression’ released on Rocketship Record’s Blast Off Compilation, which also featured artist Aloe Blacc from Emanon.

Pharaoh MC became famous for his unique music production which blended flavors from his Arabic roots with flavors from the golden era of hip-hop. He began producing local talent such as Takbir from Styles of Beyond. In 2000, a Pharaoh MC produced track ‘Rhyminfiqxion’ was # 1 on Chuck D’s Internet radio show, BTN (Bring the Noise) for three weeks straight.

In 2008, Pharaoh MC produced the entire Akademic A debut solo album, ‘I Need No Introduction’. Pharaoh MC continues to work on the Akademic A project with plans to release a documentary about the rapper’s life.

In late 2011, Pharaoh MC recorded his controversial self-produced, written, and performed debut album entitled ‘Terrorism Era’, which is set to release on 9/11/11 at 9:11am. Pharaoh MC plans to adapt the entire album, ‘Terrorism Era’ into a film and one-man show.