More Sugar Than A Black Man Drinking Kool Aid

More Sugar Than A Black Man Drinking Kool Aid

This article was written as follow up to this video:

More Sugar than a black man drinking Kool Aid. Did I get your attention? Good. That was my intention.

When I wrote it (More Sugar than a black man drinking kool aid), I instantly knew it was going to draw an uncomfortable reaction from people. Some people are uncomfortable when they hear it, while others think it was uncalled for. I know why I wrote it and now you should too.

First, let me tell you a little bit about me. For those of you don’t know, I consume a vegan diet. I wasn’t always Vegan, I committed to the Vegan lifestyle on August 24th 2009. I have met many interesting vegans. All vegans are not the same; there are many subcultures within the culture. One commonality amongst the conscious vegans is the intake of processed sugar. You’ll notice instantly when you go to health conscious vegan restaurants that the drinks they serve do not include artificial processed sugars. There is also a large debate in the vegan world on if sugar is actually vegan. According to PETA, bone char made from the bones of a cow, is at times used to whiten or as a filter to decolorize some white sugar (which would make it not vegan). This is specific to the sugar and the manufacturer. Speaking of manufacturer, let’s talk about sugar in the United States and the manufacturers.

Have you ever heard of the Fanjul brothers (Pepe and Alfonzo)? No? Well now you have.

I’ll simply this for you. The Fanjuls are in the sugar business and they are very wealthy. The majority of their wealth is money they receive from the United States government through a subsided program. The United States controls the market for sugar in the United States and they guarantee 22 cents per pound of sugar to the Fanjul Brothers. Not only does the United States government subsidize, but they will also purchase the excess sugars produced.

You can read more about the Fanjul brothers here:

So what’s the point? The government is extremely supportive and enabling the processed sugar business; sugar is connected to heart disease and diabetes. Can you guess what the number one cause of death is amongst African-Americans? Yes, you guessed it, Heart Disease.

The health care industry is reliant on the sick, not the healthy. If the health care industry can keep people sick and prescribed on medications, they’re winning and winning big ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$) at that.

I am firm believer that African Americans are specifically being targeted and marketed to. If you’re from the Los Angeles area, you can verify this by the amount of fast food fried chicken restaurants. Processed sugar is very cheap and readily available everywhere in poverty class neighborhoods. I’ll never forget that I saw a no name fried chicken restaurant INSIDE of a KFC in Inglewood CA! Yes, they shared the same space!

CAUTION: I will warn you, there are people who want to call me the bad guy because I’m actually saying this, but I’m the good guy, trust me. This is a common tactic used by the enemy, you can see it very clear when a 9/11 truther with scientific evidence explains their conspiracy facts, people like bill Oreilly deem them as wackos. I’d rather have a couple of million offended African-Americans reading this information rather than not knowing or considering the possibility that they are actually being targeted. If you’d like to solve a crime, all you need to do is follow the money. You can be certain that revolutionary rap music isn’t a billion dollar industry.

If you’re familiar with the tracks on the Terrorism Era album, you’ll know about the song I recorded entitled ‘Undisclosed Overdose’ where I expose the Health Industry’s profits of 330 billion dollars a year. I also went as far as to call the Undisclosed Overdose ‘the most disguised genocide’.

Do you realize how many people are dying from perspiration drugs? I’ll tell you, prescription drugs are now the leading cause of death in America. They’ve been preaching Terrorism for years and years, when the real Terror is the health care industry and the corporations involved.

The United States has always had a civil war problem. In this day of age, the enemy is not going to broadcast civil war, they must be discreet in order to get the victim to play along. The victim must be willing to defeat him or herself. If the health industry keeps people distracted, addicted, sick, medicated, in denial, sluggish, uneducated, and broke; the health care industry wins.

Remember, the sugar business is the candy that eventually makes us sick. I’m not saying that sugar is the only problem; there are many other factors. Sugar is a poison found in many different foods, and African Americans aren’t the only ones downing it. The corporations do not discriminate, their bottom line is the dollar and they don’t care who gets sick or dies in the process. Sound familiar? Yes, on 9/11 they didn’t care who got sick or died either.

In conclusion, I can completely understand why people would view this as inappropriate upon first look, but it’s no different than a 9/11 truther at a 9/11 memorial screaming WAKE UP to people.

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